Flor da Serra restaurant – Accommodation & Casa dos Aromas offers and news

Feel welcome to visit our charming restaurant and taste our tradicional food!

Our upstairs room serves tapas and snacks, ideal for a late brunch or an afternoon meal. The menu consists of typical portuguese dishes. Start with a soup, bread and olives, accompanied by red wine. Taste our local “enchidos” (chorizo or blood and rice sausage) or even the grilled codfish with garlic and olive oil, garnished with an aromatic tomato salad. Finish with delightful homemade egg pudding and an expresso coffee.

Vegetarian tapas / Side dishes:

Tomato salad with vinegar and olive oil

Chickpea and hard boiled egg salad

Black-eyed peas and onion salad


Chicken gizzards with spicy tomato and garlic sauce

‘Morcela de arroz’, a regional blood and rice sausage

‘Chouri├žo’, an iberic specialty, a spicy pork sausage

Pork ear, boiled and grilled, seasoned with garlic and olive oil

Grilled ‘petingas’, or small sardines, seasoned with onion and olive oil

Grilled pork meat with side dish, fried potato or rice

Grilled codfish, seasoned with garlic and olive oil

Downstairs, you may find a cosy stone and wood saloon with a fireplace, where our restaurant works for lunch and dinner and may accomodate group reservations up to 50 persons. Our menu consists of fresh daily meals, such as follows:

Grilled pork meat, with chops and belly, accompanied by salad, fried potato or rice

Oven-baked free range rooster with potatoes

Roasted pork loin accompanied with vegetable rice

Steamed veal accompanied with potato or rice

Roasted pork jaw accompanied with potatoes

Oven-baked lamb accompanied with potatoes

Grilled codfish seasoned with olive oil and garlic, accompanied by ‘migas’ (corn bread and cabbage)

Fried codfish with onion accompanied by potatoes